Emsworth's weather & Climate

Generally Emsworth tends to be warmer and drier than the average figures for England and Wales with
fewer snow days and a lower frequency of frosts.

Climatic Statistics
Comparative Annual Statistics South East Region/Emsworth
Regional temperature  mean (9.75 deg C)
Emsworth temperature mean (13.1 deg C)
Regional rainfall mean (781.5mm)
Emsworth rainfall mean (614.3 mm)

Comparative Statistics South East Region/Emsworth
Month Regional temperature mean (deg C) Emsworth temperature mean (deg C) Regional rainfall mean (mm) Emsworth rainfall mean (mm)
Jan 4.2 6.06 79 72.4
Feb 4.25 7.07 56.4 45.35
Mar 6.25 9.52 60.4 60.75
Apr 8 11.29 53.9 51.2
May 11.25 15.92 53.5 38.4
Jun 14.05 18.86 59.5 34.4
Jul 16.5 19.77 48.8 48.4
Aug 16.4 20.64 60.6 55
Sep 13.85 17.05 69.1 55.75
Oct 10.5 12.56 78.3 108.6
Nov 6.9 9.2 77.4 91.65
Dec 5.05 6.38 84.7 79.2
Year 9.75 13.1 781.5 614.3

Significant Local Metrological Events

Exceptional Cold Winters

The sea in parts of Chichester froze in the winters of 1885, 1905 and 1963

Storm Events

The Great Storm of October 1987

 On 16 October 1987 at 4am in the morning air pressure dropped from 980 to 960 hPa with the average wind speed exceeding 50 mph and gusting at 98 mph. With such strong winds this storm wrecked havoc all along the South Coast. In Chichester Harbour 250 vessels were either sunk or swept ashore. The predicted tide was 3.4m and the actual tide 5.1m. Even substantial vessels sank on their moorings. See Photos

Floods in Emsworth

When the town is affected by an intense low pressure system which occurs at the same time as spring high water parts of the town can and the fields along the shore to the west are flooded.

In recent years floods have occurred in March 2008 November 2009 and 2010, See Photos of the 2008 Floods    See Photos of the 2009 Flood in Bridge Road

Snow Events

Emsworth is fortunate to have very few "snow days" but occasionally the town comes to an almost complete stop because of short lived periods of heavy snow.
See Photos













Tucked away in the south east corner of Hampshire on the shore of Chichester Harbour, Emsworth is a quiet and attractive yet vibrant and dynamic town.

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