Westbourne Primary School Reading Shed Restoration Project

Four trainee teachers from the University of Chichester were given the challenge of transforming a shed at Westbourne Primary School in Emsworth into an irresistible reading den for all to use. With the help from pupils and staff, this really has involved the whole school from Reception to Year 6. Discussions between the University Students and the School Council has led to the children’s ideas permeating the design of their reading den.

The School Council representatives discussed with their classes their favourite books and then fed back to the University Students the following week. Ideas ranging from Robin Hood to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory prevailed and the resident artist of the group, Laura Cockroft, took to work to create an amazing design. One of the trainee teachers, Abi Stubbs, exclaimed; “We quickly became very interested and excited about this project due to the enthusiasm that was pouring out of the pupils at Westbourne, as well as our group’s combined interests of English and Art”.

The shed is now almost complete and the reactions from the children are inspiring. They are all very excited for the project to be finished. Becca Mallender, another University student added; “It was great to see the children communicating their ideas and watching their faces as they saw their visions come to life”.

The reading den is already a huge success with both children and adults in the school. This is a project that will last well into the future and inspire further generations of children to enjoy and love reading.

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