Warblington Seawall Repairs


Coastal maintenance works are about to begin to repair sections of damaged seawall within Chichester Harbour at Warblington, Havant. The works will commence on 1st August 2018, and will last for a period of 2-3 weeks. The repairs will be carried out by our Contractor, Graham Attrill Civil Engineering Ltd, from the Isle of Wight.

Annual structure condition surveys carried out by the ESCP Survey Team, have previously identified damage to the vertical concrete seawall. The structure consists of an internal concrete seawall, covered with a reinforced sprayed concrete surface. In several locations the sprayed concrete has become detached and is lying on the foreshore.

There are six areas along the length of wall which have been damaged in this way. These sections will be repaired to protect the internal structure from erosion. To carry out these repairs we will be using an innovative material called Concrete Canvas. This material has been used in coastal schemes along the south coast of England, although this is the first time it has been used by Havant Borough Council. The canvas material is delivered to site as rolls of fabric with a fibre matrix embedded within. It is then cut to length before being draped over the full height of the wall, allowing the fabric to follow the natural contours of the surface beneath (in this case, the internal concrete seawall). Once in place, the fabric is sprayed with freshwater to activate the concrete fibres which form an impermeable, energy absorbing concrete casing to the structure.

A small temporary compound will be set up in the field opposite St. Thomas a Beckett Church, following agreement with Warblington Castle Farm. There will be no impact on the public footpath at this location, however you may see some information signs installed around the area. These signs are to explain the works being carried out around the foreshore area and advising that access between Langstone and Nore Barn Woods should be carried out along the Solent Way rather than the foreshore.

Works on site will take place between 7am and 7pm, Monday to Friday. Any variation to this will be determined by the tide, and will be agreed between the Contractor and Havant Borough Council.

Updates will be provided via this webpage, and through a press release once the works are completed.

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