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13th August


Village demands hosepipe ban as river dries


Please order a hosepipe ban now to help save our river. That’s the plea from the village of Westbourne to Portsmouth Water. The company takes huge amounts of water from the underground sources of the River Ems, a rare chalk stream and wildlife haven that runs from the South Downs into Chichester Harbour. Even before the current drought, flow in the Ems was worryingly low. Now the river is in crisis.

The plight of the river, with dying fish and whole sections completely dry, has prompted Westbourne Parish Council and a local environmental group, Greening Westbourne, to demand a hosepipe ban.

The Ems flows through Westbourne, on the West Sussex/Hampshire border, before reaching Emsworth and the sea.

In a letter to Bob Taylor, chief executive officer of Portsmouth Water, Greening Westbourne chair Richard Hitchcock says: “The river has dried up completely in sections and residents have been hard at work attempting to save the fish that have not already perished. It is surely not too much to ask that a hosepipe ban be imposed immediately in Westbourne and surrounding parishes.”

A campaign group, Friends of the Ems, which is part of Greening Westbourne, has been in talks with Portsmouth Water and the Environment Agency for two years in an effort to reduce the amount taken – or “abstracted” – from the river’s sources, and to improve flows.

Portsmouth Water is obliged to pump some water back into the river at times of low flow, but Friends of the Ems wants this process improved.

In the letter, Mr Hitchcock adds: “Friends of the Ems had very much hoped that abstraction would be monitored closely and even reduced in order to restore the river to its original health. This would seem to be a somewhat time-consuming process and appears not to have been effected soon enough to protect the river in a time of very great heat and, even more importantly, no significant rainfall.”

Westbourne Parish Council has written to Mr Taylor on similar lines, echoing the plea on behalf of residents.

Chalk streams are known as “England’s rainforests” because they are among the planet's rarest habitats. There are only about 200 chalk streams in the world, and most of them are in the southern half of England.

The Ems is home to rare species including water voles and eels. Local people regularly see kingfishers, brown trout and many species of bat.

To find out more about Greening Westbourne and to join the Friends of the Ems, people can go to e-voice.org.uk/greening-westbourne

Greening Westbourne and the parish council are urging residents to save water. Tips on doing this are promoted by Portsmouth Water at www.portsmouthwater.co.uk/environment/saving-water/

They include:

·        watering plants in the early morning or later in the evening

·        collecting rainwater in a water butt

·        letting lawns go brown – they will bounce back

·        cutting down on washing the car

·        avoiding letting taps run

·        collecting running water while you wait for it to heat up, and use it to water plants or flush the loo

·        making sure your washing machine has a full load

·        having a short shower rather than a bath

John Millard,communications officer,  Greening Westbourne


6th August

Barratt Homes employees help The Final Straw Foundation to clear 20kg of rubbish from Emsworth Harbour

A Group of employees at a Hampshire housebuilder helped to clear bags of rubbish from Emsworth Harbour in support of a local environmental charity.

Litter pickers cleared 20kg of rubbish in just two hours from while ridding the coastal beauty spot of trash.  The team of volunteers tackled the large amount of rubbish, which included rope, cigarette buts and food wrappers from the Harbour and Emsworth Square, and surrounding residential areas.  Organised by local environmental charity, The Final Straw Foundation, the litter picking event was attended by a group of eco-conscious helpers, including employees from Barratt Homes.

Barratt Homes employees help to clear 20kg of rubbish from Emsworth Harbour in support of a local environmental charity, The Final Straw Foundation.

The registered charity, which started in Emsworth in 2018, works with local communities and businesses to highlight the impact of plastic pollution on our environment and to try to minimise the amount of plastic entering our local seas.

The Hampshire housebuilder workers signed up to help on the day and, along with other volunteers, were provided with gloves, litter pickers, bags and buckets, and donned eco-friendly volunteer t-shirts made from recycled cotton.  Megan Hamlyn, Barratt Homes Marketing Manager was there on the day.

She said: ‘It was great to be a part of this clear-up and help pick up this sizeable amount of rubbish in a short space of time. With a large proportion of this cleared from the beachside, it shows just how many discarded items will be heading into our seas across the country.’

Barratt Homes is committed to protecting the environment and wanted to help the Final Straw Foundation with its tidy-up operation to ensure the local area is tidier and safer for its visitors, and to raise awareness of plastic pollution.  Megan added: ‘With 20kg of rubbish found on, and nearby, to just one beach, think about the impact this must be having across the world. Beach cleans are a way for us to help a small bit.’ The Final Straw Foundation works with local communities and businesses to highlight the impact of plastic pollution on our environment and is trying to minimise the amount of plastic entering our local seas and wider oceans.

The environmentally friendly housebuilder has already pledged to reduce its construction waste by 20% by 2025, and has worked on a variety of initiatives to reduce the number of raw materials it consumes.

The News 4th August

20th July

Havant to introduce ‘nine times larger’ glass banks

Havant borough council is to introduce 22 10,700 litre glass recycling banks which are nine times larger than the local authority’s current 1,100 litre collection bins.  Havant's 22 new 10,700 litre glass recycling banks are to be fitted with a sensor device to allow for remote monitoring of the available capacity.  

The new banks are to be fitted with a sensor device to allow for remote monitoring of the capacity available before emptying is required, “reducing the environmental impact of unnecessary repeated collections,” the council says.  Havant is to begin installing the banks, which will take glass bottles and jars, across the borough “during the next couple of weeks”.

Cllr Lulu Bowerman, Havant borough council’s cabinet lead for environmental services, said she was “very pleased” that the banks’ introduction would allow residents to recycle even more glass.  “The new technology combined with the increase in size will prevent unsightly and overflowing areas in the borough,” she added.

“It will also reduce the number of trips made to empty the banks, reducing our carbon footprint, in line with the council’s corporate strategy.”

Norfolk council-owned Norse South East, Havant’s collections contractor, is to collect the banks using a skip-carrying vehicle rather than a conventional refuse collection vehicle.

Cllr Bowerman said: “The new method of collection, by a skip carrying vehicle, will also reduce the risks to collection crews and the concerning sound levels identified with smashing glass when emptied.”

Representing an estimated population of around 125,000, Havant borough council had a household waste recycling rate of 33% in the 2020/21 financial year.

Havant does not currently offer a kerbside glass collection service. Glass collected from banks in the borough is taken to a materials recycling facility in Portsmouth, run by Veolia on behalf of Hampshire County council.  Norse began collecting household waste and recycling in Havant in April 2016.   Under the joint venture, Norse provides Havant with household refuse, recycling and garden waste collections, as well as street cleansing, cemetery and allotment maintenance. Its contract runs up to 2026

19th July LetsRecycle.com


13th July

The Emsworth Show returns this August

The Emsworth Show is set to make a bang as it returns for August Bank Holiday Monday and will be full of fun-filled activities to be enjoyed by the whole family.

The show, which was a hit last year, is returning and as ever it is partnered up with the Emsworth Horticultural Society.  The event is being hosted at the New Life Christian Church Via Thorney Road, which offers free onsite parking for people travelling to the show.

A free bus will also be running which will be travelling around the village on the day to ensure that everyone can attend the horticulture event.

The gates will open at 10:30am and the day will last until 5pm where everyone in Emsworth and the surrounding areas are welcome to attend the much loved event.  There will be a 120 ft marquee showcasing a horticulturist's dream, which will feature dahlias, fruit and veg, bouquets and much more.

The event will host two arenas which will see the highly anticipated Extreme BMX Display, the Touch and Go Dog Agility, Melana Dance and the Fishbourne Mill Morris Dancers.  Live music from Alder Valley Brass and Solent Male Voice Choir can be enjoyed throughout the day with music starting at 10:45 am in the food court which will have a food to tuck into.

Children will also be able to enjoy the fairground rides that will be there on the day. Early bird tickets are limited at £5.50, usual price £7, children 12 years and under are free.

Tickets can be purchased online at https://www.emsworthshow.co.uk

Sussex World Tuesday, 12th July




3rd July

Former Royal Navy fitness instructor and founder of Verity's Gift from Havant to join Queen's Baton Relay 2022

A FORMER Royal Navy fitness instructor will be taking part in the Queen’s Baton Relay 2022 – and he will be dedicating his participation to his late wife, who has inspired a charity transforming the Emsworth area.

Havant resident George Turner set up the charity Verity’s Gift to honour his wife, who died at the age of 33 from a subarachnoid haemorrhage in 2018.

The family’s story inspired a huge outpouring of support, raising more than £85,000 to fund a complete renovation of an Emsworth play area, which was used by Verity when she was a child and by her own daughter, Harriet.

Now George will take on the baton in his wife’s memory as he takes part in the relay through the area as part of the Commonwealth Games celebrations next month. 

The 50-year-old said: ‘It was a bit of a shock and a great surprise. It was one of my clients that nominated me.

‘I had a very dark time after losing Verity. Athletics has been my life since I was a small child, and in the armed forces I competed at all levels, and I have always been an avid watcher of every Olympics and every Commonwealth Games. So to get this, it’s such an amazing thing, it’s an emotional thing – and I dedicate it to Verity.

‘It’s an immense honour and I know the British public will get behind the event – I can’t wait.’

The dad-of-one said: ‘‘The basketball courts in the next big project. We’re still in the early stages, getting quotes in. We’re fundraising but it is pretty tough with the economic climate we are in.

‘It gave me something to focus on, and now Verity’s Gift has just snowballed. My idea was to give something back to the community. We’re now bereavement counselling in schools, we give money to groups like Brownies through a community grant scheme.’  He added: ‘My daughter is now the face of the charity, and she’s very proud.  When I told her I’d be taking part in the relay, she was beaming.’

The News 1st July




30th June


Chichester joins coastal protection partnership

Chichester District Council has joined forces with Coastal Partners to protect its coastline by sharing coastal and environmental management expertise and resources.

Coastal Partners are formed of Fareham, Gosport, Havant and Portsmouth Councils, who are existing members of the coastal protection partnership.  The team are made up of coastal engineers, surveyors, project managers and environmental experts who manage the coastal flood and erosion risk throughout the five councils. With Chichester joining the Partnership, significant benefits will be made throughout the region.

“The delivery of a resilient, professional, and cost-effective flood and erosion management service is becoming increasingly challenging in response to ageing defences, more extreme weather events and future sea level rise and the loss of experienced officers from the sector,” says Cllr Penny Plant, Cabinet Member for the Environment and Chichester Contract Services at Chichester District Council.

“By joining together with the other councils along our coastline we can combine expertise, local knowledge and access the most cost-effective solutions to protect our coastline and improve our local landscape. We can also continue to offer a robust and resilient service by sharing expertise and collaborating with other local authorities.

Lyall Cairns, Executive Head for Coastal Partnership, adds: “The team and I are pleased to welcome Chichester District Council to the partnership. We are looking forward to sharing knowledge and expertise to reduce flood and erosion risk to our shared community, while enhancing the environment for future generations to enjoy. We have a shared passion for our coastline and believe working together across five local authorities will deliver a high quality, resilient, and cost-effective service for our residents.”

Councillor Clare Satchwell, Cabinet Lead for Planning, Hayling Seafront Strategy and Coastal Management at Havant Borough Council comments: “We warmly welcome Chichester and it’s beautiful coastline to the Partnership. There are a lot of shared benefits for all with this development and I am thrilled that the District will be joining the Coastal Partnership.”

Simon Martin, Executive Member for Planning and Development at Fareham Borough Council said: “Coastal protection is incredibly important to offset the impact of global warming. We are delighted that Chichester District Council has joined forces with Coastal Partners as the more authorities that come together the more effective our defences will be and the better we can engaging with residents to encourage community involvement.” Find out more about Coastal Partners by visiting www.coastalpartners.org.uk



29th June

Take a walk on the wild side of Emsworth

A new wild meadow has been created in Emsworth to help increase biodiversity in the area.

Designed by Havant Borough Council and supported by section106 funding and developer contributions, the area is set to take shape, mature and become a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) that will be used to enable wildlife to flourish and increase biodiversity.

Assisting with the management of the new grassland reserve in Emsworth Recreation Ground will be The Little Meadow Volunteer Group who will look after the day to day management and maintenance of the area. 

Visitors can enjoy the meadow by entering through a gate at the south east corner and following the mown footpaths through the grassland.  Social spots with benches to sit and enjoy the area can also be found amongst the beautiful backdrop of nature.

Cabinet Lead for Levelling-Up, Councillor Tim Pike, said: “This grassland meadow will be a great addition to Emsworth. 

“Areas such as this offer many benefits, including helping to reduce our carbon footprint, providing a natural habitat for wildlife and creating a great talking point for residents and visitors. It is a great example of what can be achieved when working with local volunteer groups.  We look forward to seeing this new meadow develop.”

The 1.5 Acres of grassland meadow, with fencing around the perimeter to identify it within the recreation ground, compensates for the loss of a similar area north of the recreation ground.   The Little Meadow Volunteer Group have already started talking about the wonderful things they are discovering, in their blog which you can follow here https://www.brookmeadow.org.uk/wildlife-news-blog/

Havant Borough Council  29th June


28th June

The Brookfield Hotel in Emsworth is on the market for £3,400,000

The Brookfield Hotel

The Brookfield Hotel is located in a prominent roadside position near the coastal village of Emsworth. Situated on the edge of the Chichester harbour area of outstanding natural beauty, makes this property an ideal base for those visiting the south coast.

Established in 1972, the hotel was originally built as two substantial residential properties, which has been extensively re-developed and extended over time by the Gibson family to become one of the town's preeminent employers. The hotel was sold to Hughes Hotels, an independent family-owned group of three- and four-star Hotels, Spa & Restaurants, located in Salisbury, in 2007 and subsequently further modernised.

The hotel has high levels of repeat business and a strong local following year-round. This is supported by its large offering of public areas, including restaurant for 80 covers, four meeting and events rooms, lounge and bar for 30 covers and a car park to hold 70 cars. At the rear of the hotel, the Hermitage Suite  can host up to 130 people. The variety of choice makes this modern hotel a popular venue for conferences and events.

Simon Hughes said “After 15 years of successful Hughes family ownership, semi-retirement is calling. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time running the business and are very proud of our achievements. The hotel is loved by many and we now hope to find a buyer that will share the same passion. We recognise that it is time for fresh eyes and ideas to drive Brookfield forward and onto even greater success.”

The hotel benefits hugely from the leisure trade, both in passing and destination, as well as business travellers. The location is an exceptional base to explore South Downs National Park which is a short drive to the north. Portsmouth and the historic Naval Dockyard is a 7-mile drive to the west, and the cathedral city of Chichester is 10 miles to the east. Events such as the world-famous Festival of Speed at the Goodwood Estate, is held just 11 miles away from the hotel, attracting international tourists. The hotel is also easy access to London, with a short journey of one hour and 33 minutes from Waterloo to Havant station, which is just two miles away.

Josh Sullivan, associate director at Hotels Agency team at Colliers comments: “The Brookfield Hotel has been operated by our clients for almost two decades and in that time the family has created an established and consistent profitable business. It is situated in a commanding and highly sought-after location close to various key demand generators, therefore we expect the sale to generate a significant amount of interest. This sale presents a unique opportunity for an operator to acquire an income producing asset that benefits from an enviable mix of both corporate and leisure trade.”










24th June

Heidi's Patisserie to close 6 of its branches and relocate bakery due to cost of living

A Much-loved patisserie has announced a restructuring of the company which will see six of its local branches close and its bakery relocate.

Hayling Island based Heidi’s Patisserie, which was founded in 1969, will see its bakery relocate to Emsworth and its branches in Mengham, West Town, Havant, Alresford, Drayton and Cowplain close.

The company has blamed the current economic climate and the effects of the pandemic, together with the war in Ukraine, for its downsizing plans.

Heidi’s will close its Alresford patisserie at the end of September when the lease on the shop building expires, while those at Hayling, Drayton, Cowplain and Havant will shut in December.

The company plans to refurbish its Emsworth store and will be reopening its bakery operation in the town early next year along with a takeaway shop at the front.


Owner, Heidi Elliott, said: ‘Running Heidi’s for the past 30 years has been a privilege, a challenge and an amazing way to have been part of the local community. I personally feel overwhelmed by the loyalty we have received from our employees and customers and would like to thank them all for their support. I look forward to continuing the Heidi’s name at our refurbished branch in Emsworth.

‘The reason we're downsizing and relocating is just because it's not financially viable for us to continue.’

The bakery chain first launched in North Street Arcade, Havant, in 1969 when founder Ernst Strassman opened a patisserie named after his daughter, Heidi, having previously worked as head pâtissier at Fortnum & Mason in London.

The second shop opened in Elm Grove in 1975 and then relocated to Mengham road in 1985.

It remains a family-run firm, with Heidi Elliott at the helm.  The company is currently carrying out a consultation with staff regarding restructuring.


Heidi added: ‘We've got wonderful, longstanding staff. We've got some that have probably been there 30 years since I started.  We've had very loyal customers that have been coming into us and going into quite a few of our shops for many years.  We're a cornerstone of the local communities where our shops are I suppose.  It's been a very hard decision but there isn't a choice really. It isn't sustainable as it is.’

The News 24th June





13th May


The Friends of Chichester Harbour’s ‘Return of the Tern’ project 


With Wildlife Awareness Week on the horizon (from Monday 20th June), Here is an update on the ‘Return of the Tern Project'

        Located at two sites in Chichester Harbour, five new tern rafts - measuring 4x4 metres and kitted out with shingle and sand - were launched within the past month to welcome terns returning to UK shores.

        3D printed ‘dummy terns’ - painted by Chichester Harbour Conservancy youth rangers - have been located on the rafts to help attract the returning nests for breeding and nesting.

        The rafts are fitted with cameras and so progress on eggs laid and chicks hatching can be viewed.

        At one of the raft sites, terns were seen landing on the the rafts within minutes of their deployment. Two days later, tern and black-headed gull eggs had been laid on the rafts.








27th May

Emsworth woman to hold her first ever dog show complete with competitions, training sessions and dozens of stalls

AN EMSWORTH woman is to hold her first ever dog show complete with stalls, training, competitions and a jubilee theme.

Mary Burgess, founder of Animal Star Events, has teamed up with about 25 stall holders, dog trainers and sponsor Agria Pet Insurance, to launch her first dog show at New Life Christian Church at Thorney Road in Emsworth on August 6th.

Owners, dog-lovers and families alike can take part in a day of fun with food and drink, craft stalls, picnic areas - with numerous dog competitions to enter.  Visitors are encouraged to dress up in their best jubilee outfits alongside their pooches who can also be dressed to suit the theme..  Mary has high hopes that this show will be a taster of what’s to come, saying there is ‘nothing like it’ currently in the area.

Competition categories include best rescue dog, best dog the judge would like to take home, the dog most like its owner, the cutest puppy and golden oldie.

Mary said: ‘There’s nothing like it down here. The nearest one would be Goodwoof or DogFest.

‘People can come and learn about training their dog, there’s a veterinary nurse on site who's going to be doing some basic pet first aid training so people can learn what to do when they're walking and a dog cuts its paw or any of those things.

‘There will be courses that people can go on and they'll be at set times during the day. We've got ice cream and doggy ice cream.

‘I’m really excited. We need something like this in the area because there’s so many dog lovers!’


Mary also runs Animal Star Awards which often hold competitions for owners to enter pictures competitions of their pets and nominate them for hero awards.

This new event will be supported by the Phoenix Rehoming charity which adopts and fosters dogs across England and Wales and won best rescue centre of the year with Animal Star Awards.

Competition judges on the day include Carla-Marie Moore, founder of Phoenix Rescue and former lord mayor of Portsmouth David Fuller.

The winner of each dog category will be rewarded a rosette and the two runners-up will receive a certificate.

Early bird adult tickets cost £2. From July 1 adult tickets will cost £4. Children go free.

The News 26th May




26th May

Historic Emsworth oyster fishing sailing boat granted funding for new cover thanks to The Lady Neville Charity

A FLAGSHIP oyster fishing sailing boat has been granted a huge cash sum for a new protective cover.  The historic Oysterboat Terror vessel was awarded £825 from The Lady Neville Charity who provide UK wide grants for arts and heritage projects to protect her from the elements.  The Terror, built in 1895, was rescued as a wreck by Chichester Harbour Conservancy and rebuilt through a Heritage Lottery Grant, launching again in 2006.


During the summer months it takes passengers on trips around Chichester Harbour from Emsworth Yacht Harbour.

The restored oyster boat Terror just after her official relaunch at the Emsworth Food Festival.

The new overall cover replaces the cover that was originally made at the time of restoration. The grant from the Skinners Company will help to pay for the total cost.  Among The Lady Neville Charity’s purposes is to create opportunities through education, training or sponsorship and, as a result, enriching local communities.

The Terror is manned by a dedicated team of volunteers from Friends of Chichester Harbour and her lines and traditional gaff rig can be regularly seen around Chichester Harbour during the summer months.


Commenting of the grant, Gavin Crick, trustee of Friends of Chichester Harbour and member of the Terror Operating Committee said: ‘We are delighted that The Skinners Company accepted our application for a grant towards the new cover for Terror.

‘As a voluntary organisation, we rely on funds from the passengers we take on board to help towards the running costs of this traditional craft, but major items such as this new cover need additional funding, and we are extremely grateful to the Worshipful Company of Skinners in coming to our aid.’

The News 25th May




25th May


Faster internet speed coming to Havant and Emsworth, according to project leader, after multi-million pound fibre optic broadband investment

INTERNET speeds in Havant could get faster as a multi-million pound project gets under way. CityFibre is planning to invest £17m in the area to lay out fibre optic broadband across the area, as well as in Emsworth, Southbourne and Westbourne.

Area manager Jonathan Russell is leading the project and expects the upcoming works will improve internet speed in  these areas.

He said: ‘We think people will be amazed by the difference it will make, both now and for generations to come. Our investment will change that, and we cannot wait for residents and businesses to see what is possible with digital connectivity, which moves us forward into the future.’

Mr Russell added the Havant borough is the third worst mainland local authority area in the UK for fibre broadband coverage, with only 1.8 per cent of properties having it. Fill fibre networks are being set up, and according to CityFibre, speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps for upload and download can be achieved.

The News 25th May


19th May


Emsworth's Preparations for the Platinum Jubilee are well in Hand


A tribute in the form of a knitted rabbit has appeared on a pillar box in the Square and a series of events announced. 


Events will include a street part, fireworks,  a service of thanks giving and the lighting of a beacon in Westbourne.

Here is the full list with times and dates:

In Emsworth

Saturday 4th June

COIN TRAIL from 10am - 4pm on the Mill Pond Walk between Emsworth Slipper Sailing Club and Emsworth Sailing Club in aid of RNLI. Bring all your spare change!

SERVICE OF THANKSGIVING - 3pm for Her Majesty the Queen's Platinum Jubilee at St. James Church, Emsworth P010 7DP. Followed by a Celebration Cream Tea in St. James Church Garden.

FIREWORK DISPLAY - 10pm Firework Display from the Mill Pond Walk over Emsworth Harbour. Best view point will be from the beach at Emsworth Harbour as low tide will be at 9pm. The Mill Pond Walk will be closed from 8pm.

Sunday 5th June

EMSWORTH'S "BIG STREET PARTY" 12pm - 6pm in South Street Car Park. 6ft trestle tables with chairs to hire for £25, funds to be donated to RNLI. Contact Lulu Bowerman to book your table lulu.bowerman@havant.gov.uk Entertainment for all ages, live music, face painting, best "crown" competition and Street food will be available. The west side of the Square will be closed  from 12pm — 6pm to provide an additional  seating area but this will not affect Nile Street.

And in Westbourne   

Thursday 2nd June BEACON FOR THE QUEEN'S JUBILEE at 9pm The Common, Monk's Hill, Westbourne

Sunday 5th June WESTBOURNE'S BIG JUBILEE LUNCH STREET PARTY 12pm - 3pm. Church Road, Westbourne




 1st May 

Free community bus to reduce loneliness and unite residents on Thorney Island, Chichester, Havant, Southbourne, Nutbourne, Hambrook, Westbourne and Emsworth

A community bus aimed at uniting local residents and reducing loneliness is being launched next month.

From June 7, the Bourne Community Bus will provide much-needed free transport for many isolated families on Thorney Island, as well as Southbourne, Nutbourne, Hambrook, Westbourne and Emsworth.  The free 16-seater minibus will run Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from Thorney Island to places like Havant and Chichester. Its routes have been finalised based on resident research, and will do eight circuits a day, stopping at twenty chosen locations.

It will take its first public outing at Chichester’s Platinum Jubilee parade on June 4.  Tracie Bangert, Southbourne Parish and District Councillor, said:   “Loneliness on Thorney Island has been an issue for years.  Many families live miles from local shops or services, and would have to travel north up a road that’s just too far without a car if you have children.  Post COVID, we’re so glad we can now launch this desperately needed local bus transport service to local communities.”

The project is run by the Southbourne Community Land Trust, a non-profit society set up to bring new services and affordable housing to villages in the Bourne area.  The aim is to unite residents with trips to local shops, social activities, medical care and after school activities.  Twelve volunteers have been recruited to drive the bus, eight of which have already been MIDAS trained to assist disabled passengers.  Additionally, there will be a second bus - which also has full disabled access - running seven days a week.  This will be available for hire at a low cost for residents, as well as social and community groups.

Project founder Andrew Kerry-Bedell said:  “We’ve spent the last nine months raising £50,000 from a combination of Parish contributions and grant applications.  This means we can lease new minibuses with all the maintenance and insurance included, so service reliability is a given.  A second minibus means we can bid for contracts for special school runs and provide transport to help military veterans and local care homes, all adding extra funds to keep the two Bourne Buses on the road.”

For more information, visit: www.bournebus.co.uk

Sussex World 10th May 2022



Friday 6th May Emsworth Together Public Meeting 7.00pm at Emsworth Community Centre



22nd April

Emsworth firm raises £11,000 for Ukrainian aid following fundraising evening

An Emsworth restaurant and bar has raised an epic £11,500 for the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis following a charity fundraiser, raffle and auction held on Monday. SUS-220421-164500001

The restaurant and bar venue JJs, in Emsworth, hosted a fundraiser on bank holiday Monday and managed to raise a whopping £11,500 for Ukraine’s Humanitarian Appeal.

The money from the evening was donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), Ukraine Appeal, a charity meeting the needs of refugees and displaced people in Ukraine and neighbouring countries.  The evening, which began at 7pm, hosted a dinner for guests along with a charity auction and raffle, and staff collected loose change from regulars and attendees which brought them to their impressive total.

John Miller from Emsworth, owner of JJ’s, organised the fundraiser with the help of his staff. He said: “We’ve still got donations coming in now, so we know the total’s going to rise.  It was a fun night everybody enjoyed it.”

The venue, which hosts live music every Tuesday and Sunday, also saw performances from local musicians Mama Funk and Archie who provided their talents free of charge and who regularly perform every Sunday.

The DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal’s mission is to save, protect and rebuild lives by bringing together leading UK aid charities, raising funds quickly and efficiently at times of crisis overseas.

“We chose this charity because of what’s going on in the world, we felt we wanted to help the people of Ukraine” added John.

John and his staff at JJ’s praised the level of support they received from the local community which allowed them to present the £11,500 cheque to DEC the following day.

“We’ve had a lot of local support, people are still bringing in donations even now, it’s great,” he said.

Sussex World 21st April 2022




20th April


Grant awarded by the Government’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund to  The Friends of Chichester Harbour for 18-month programme.


(This May’s placement of five new tern rafts marks the start of the Friends of Chichester Harbour’s ‘Return of the Tern: Nature Recovery on the Southern Coastal Plain’ project. The exciting new 18-month campaign has been made possible thanks to the £182,300 grant that the Friends received from the Government’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund last July.


To be undertaken in partnership with Chichester Harbour Conservancy, the ‘Return of the Tern’ is an ambitious environmental project that will focus on nature recovery along the south coast, stretching from Langstone Harbour & Farlington Marshes to Pagham Harbour and taking in Chichester Harbour, Bracklesham Bay and Medmerry too. It will also head inland along wildlife corridors - west and east of Chichester - up to the foot of the South Downs.


Following its successful bid for the grant, the Friends’ next step was to appoint Jess Vagg to the specially-created role of Nature Recovery Officer with specific responsibility for overseeing the ‘Return of the Tern’ initiative. Having previously worked as an Assistant Site Manager at The Woodland Trust and with an MSc in Conservation Science and Policy from Exeter University, 28-year-old Jess took up her position in November 2021. She has spent the past five months familiarising herself with Chichester Harbour, as well as its various communities and organisations dedicated to protecting and enhancing the coastal environment. Jessica has also been busy researching and securing the resources required for terns to return to the harbour to nest and breed.


‘Inspired by the work that Chichester Harbour Conservancy has already undertaken deploying tern rafts off Thorney Island, it is very exciting to be expanding on this activity with the placement of the new rafts at strategic points across the harbour. They will support tern nesting for the four-month breeding season from May-August,says Jessica. The first tern chicks are expected to hatch in June and cameras will be installed on each raft to chart their development.


‘Last Thursday, the Friends of Chichester Harbour collaborated with Chichester Harbour Conservancy’s Youth Rangers who painted and printed out 3-D images to mimic terns as a visual cue to attract real birds to nest on the rafts. We are also currently mapping out plans for a shingle recharge at Stakes Island from September to enhance the terns’ breeding habitat in time for next year.’


A Fish Population Survey is in the pipeline for this summer. ‘This will increase our understanding of how the terns use the harbour and what they feed on which will then help us determine the food availability for both visiting and returning terns,’ explains Jess, who while studying for her Masters at Exeter University conducted research on the threat of plastics to marine vertebrates in the Galápagos.





16th April

Farewell St George?

 The annual St Georges Day parade had been a feature in Emsworth for many years until Covid curtailed it in 2020 and 2021. 

It had been hoped that it would be revived this year but due to the situation in Ukraine and the fact that 23 April fell during the Easter holidays it was not possible for the Army to supply any troops for the event.  100 Royal Artillery soldiers from Thorney Island have now been deployed to Poland.

The EMS Spring Edition 2022

5th April

Elections are coming – 5 May 2022

Polling cards for the election in the Havant borough area are arriving on doormats across the borough.

Residents are being advised to check their poll card to make sure that they know which polling station they need to use at the elections on 5 May. You can also check where your polling station is online at wheredoivote.co.uk.

If you don’t receive a poll card, make sure you are registered to vote. This is important if you have recently moved house. This needs to be done by Thursday 14 April to make sure that you can have your say at the ballot box.

How do you vote? You will only be able to vote if you are registered. Please be aware that even if you pay Council Tax, it doesn’t mean you are automatically registered to vote.

The easiest way to register is by visiting http://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote.  There’s no need to re-register if you are already on the electoral roll.

It only takes five minutes online to register to vote. And don’t worry if you aren’t able to vote in person on Thursday 5th May 2022 because of being away, at work, or unable to get to a polling station – you can always register for a postal vote.

Have your say – anyway:  There are several ways to have your say in the elections in May - you can vote in a polling station, by post, or by appointing someone you trust to vote on your behalf, which is known as a proxy vote, and it is never too early to apply for a postal or proxy vote.

Residents can still vote if they are away on the May 5 polling day. If you’re thinking about voting by post, you can apply now, the deadline for postal applications is 5pm on 19 April. The deadline for proxy votes is 5pm on 26 April.

If you want to apply for a postal or proxy vote, please contact elections.office@havant.gov.uk  or call 023 9244 6225/6.

Eligibility to vote: You will be eligible to register and vote on 5 May 2022 if you are:

        a British, Irish, European Union or qualifying Commonwealth citizen,

        resident in Havant borough, and

        aged 18 or older on polling day.

        EU citizens can still register and vote, even though the UK has left the European Union

Who are you voting for? This year is a local election, therefore you will be voting for someone to become a councillor, who will represent you in the area in which you live.

Havant borough is split into 14 wards, each of which has three councillors, (apart from Barncroft, Battins, Bondfields and Warren Park which have two). In this election, voters will be electing one new councillor per ward.

Havant Bourgh Council 6th April 2022




4h April

he Emsworth Arts Trail returns at the end of the month: April 23rd-24th & 30 May 1st – 2nd

With 85 participants looking forward to meeting you in their own homes, studios and community spaces the variety is extensive. Artists and makers are also displaying taster exhibitions in Emsworth businesses bringing the excitement of the Trail to the very heart of the town.

The majority of venues are located within a mile of the centre so why not make a family day out by walking or cycling around this picturesque seaside town? With such a wide variety, from painters to jewellers, photographers to ceramicists and much, much more, there really is something to interest everyone.

It will be great to welcome back our many return visitors and of course wonderful to meet many first time visitors to what will be a fresh and exciting Trail for 2022.

The Arts Trail Guide can be downloaded HERE and the Map HERE

If you are an artist interested in joining the trail next year please drop an email to us so we can add you to the waiting list: info@emsworthartstrail.org.uk



1st April

The Emsworth Forum and the Residents Association – moving forward with the Neighbourhood Plan

Following the official adoption of the Emsworth Neighbourhood Plan last autumn, the Emsworth Forum (which produced the Plan) and the ERA will now work together to implement some of the projects in the Plan.

 At the meeting of the ERA on Thursday 14th April, 7 pm in the Community Centre, there will be an outline briefing on the potential projects.  Then at a meeting of the Forum on Friday 6th May, also 7 pm in the Community Centre they will be trying to get groups of people with shared interests together to develop the projects further.

 Emsworth CLT welcomes the determination of the ERA and the Forum to co-operate in this work.  If any future project involves affordable housing or other assets to be held in perpetuity for the community, the ECLT would hope to play a key role.

Emsworth Community Land Trust March 29th



25th March

The Emsworth Forum and the ERA – working together


The Emsworth Neighbourhood Plan was adopted last autumn by Havant Borough Council.  We now have to work towards the implementation of the projects which are included in the Plan (set out on pages 83-85), all of which should make Emsworth an even better place to live and work. There has been very close collaboration between the Forum and the Emsworth Residents Association and that’s continuing into the future, in order to make the best possible use of people’s time and energy.

We’ll need people to come forward to help us in developing the ideas which are in the Plan – for example, better cycling facilities, more for young people, reducing the impact of traffic, our own local levelling-up agenda looking at the infrastructure needs of the whole of Emsworth….and much more.

To fund or kick-start projects, we’re looking at using funding from the Community Infrastructure Levy, which comes from developers as they build new housing and other developments across the borough.  Some of that funding is ring-fenced for Emsworth because we have a Neighbourhood Plan in place, but we’ll also be bidding for funding in competition with other parts of the borough.

There will be two opportunities for you to learn about Emsworth’s projects.  Firstly at the meeting of the ERA which is taking place on Thursday 14th April, there will be an outline briefing on the potential projects.  Then at a meeting of the Forum on Friday 6th May we’ll be trying to get groups of people with shared interests together to develop the projects further.

It’s really important to stress that there is still an opportunity to put forward projects which any group in Emsworth would like to see happen.  We want to be inclusive and encourage engagement by people who aren’t already involved in the Forum or ERA.  Just let us know your ideas.

Our contacts are:

Mike Bateman – Chair Emsworth Forum

Email: mikebateman20@gmail.com

Phone: 01243 374348

Theo Schofield – Chair ERA

Email: theoschofield@icloud.com



25th March

Local initiative sets agenda for wildlife-friendly beach cleans

 A guide to making beach litter-picks more friendly to nature has been launched in a collaboration between local wildlife organisations and beach cleaning groups. The initiative, led by Bird Aware Solent, aims to make people more aware of potential disturbance to wildlife when they remove litter from the beach.            

Litter-picking drives are becoming more popular along the south coast with local people inspired to give up their free time to keep their neighbourhood coastline clean and tidy. The new guidelines ensure these community-minded projects minimise disturbance to wildlife that makes its home on the beach A guide to making beach litter-picks more friendly to nature has been launched in a collaboration between local wildlife organisations and beach cleaning groups. The initiative, led by Bird Aware Solent, aims to make people more aware of potential disturbance to wildlife when they remove litter from the beach.

Litter-picking drives are becoming more popular along the south coast with local people inspired to give up their free time to keep their neighbourhood coastline clean and tidy. The new guidelines ensure these community-minded projects minimise disturbance to wildlife that makes its home on the beach. The wildlife-friendly beach clean guide is available to download from the Bird Aware Solent website at www.birdaware.org as well as from the other organisations involved in the project: Final Straw Foundation, Marine Conservation Society and the 2 Minute Foundation.

Anna Parry, Bird Aware Solent’s partnership manager, said: ‘We’re grateful to those who give their time to remove litter from our coastline. These new guidelines will ensure disturbance to our wonderful birds and other wildlife is kept to a minimum.’

Packed with tips and advice about taking part in beach litter picking events, the guide provides insight into unexpected spots where wildlife might be hidden such as within abandoned tyres and old pallets. It also highlights important feeding area for birds, such as the high-water line, to make sure disturbance is minimised. Special mention is also made about seals which can be particularly vulnerable to human presence.

Above all, people taking part in beach cleans are encouraged to follow the nature-friendly coastal code: look out for wildlife; move further away if birds or other wildlife become alert to your presence; keep dogs alongside you; and follow request on signs.


For more information contact Kate Price McCarthy at Bird Aware Solent: kate.price.mccarthy@hants.gov.uk , 07799866944

For more information, please visit the Bird Aware Solent website.



24th March

The Old Sorting Office renovated into Workshop and Events space

The Old Sorting Office behind the former post office on North Street, Emsworth has had facelift through renovation and is set to become a fantastic, airy space for workshops and events. 

Felix Tabitha moved into the Post Office in November 2021 and turned the old counter and office space into a gallery and gift shop housing an eclectic mix of local artists and handmade creatives work as well as a handpicked selection of vintage finds.  The shop and gallery opened a few weeks before Christmas and as Kathryn Seal, the owner says, ‘stocks products that I would want to buy myself’.

Over the Christmas holiday period work started on the Sorting Office space, cleaning away the years of industrial dirt to reveal a beautiful room, complete with high ceilings, skylights and even a stage.  Facilities were added and the character of the space was retained including the sorting office entrance way with Post Office red door.

Kathryn told us, ‘the process wasn’t without its hitches.  One morning we came in to a flood from one of the pipes and it took a few days to clear that.  It took a lot of help from family to restore the space to its former glory, but it really is an amazing light space with fantastic acoustics now’.

The workshop programme of art and crafts is growing all the time.  Visitors can book to do taster or courses in fused glass, felting, pottery, printing, watercolours, life drawing, papercraft, photography, sewing and candle making to name a few.  The ‘Pottery Throw Down’ workshops are very popular as Di and Rosie from Biscuit Pottery bring wheels and teach bowl, vase and mug making.

Regular weekly events also take place with life drawing and yoga twice weekly.  The space is also hosting 9 local artists for the Emsworth Art Trail this year, taking advantage of the gallery hanging space and plenty of room for visitors.  Wemsfest is hosting one of its events in May at the venue with Tony McManus and Julia Toaspern, acoustic guitarists, performing on Sunday 15th May.

The Sorting Office is looking for other hirers for weekly meets or one off events/concerts.  Please contact Felix Tabitha on hello@felixtabitha.co.uk for more information.





22nd March

Local GP Dr Hannah Morgan to Run Southampton Marathon in aid of Emsworth Food Bank (Love Your Neighbour campaign)

I'm running Southampton Marathon on 24th April 2022, raising money for a food bankHannah Morgan (@DrHannahMorgan) / Twitter which was setup in Emsworth, during the COVID pandemic, as a response to help families and individuals in need. Love Your Neighbour Campaign gives local people food parcels and care packages. They receive referrals from local community organisations, our schools, councils, churches and individuals can get in touch themselves. They work in partnership with other local food banks.

We know that times are going to be really tough for people over the coming months, with the cost of living rising. Which is why it is so important that we support each other locally. It has been heart-warming to see the community spirit during COVID. I am keen to make sure our foodbanks are well stocked as people's living conditions get harder over the coming summer months.

I have never run a marathon before. As a mum of 3, a military wife, working as a GP, being Clinical Director of our Hayling Island and Emsworth Primary Care Network and last summer becoming Clinical Lead for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Cardiac Rehabilitation for South East England, I like life to be busy! Juggling roles, with leading the vaccination programme and helping build our teams to maintain and improve care, has been an incredible privilege but at times exhausting. One of the highlights of the pandemic has been our volunteers - who gave so much in our vaccination centres. Working lots of hours meant that for a few months, while getting the vaccinations off the ground across Havant, my own wellbeing took a back seat. That was ok for the short-term but not for the long-term. In September 2021 I decided enough was enough and joined Leeanne Barber's Improvers Running Group. It felt great to dedicate an hours training on a Tuesday evening to my own health again. At that point I could jog 5k without stopping! Over the Autumn I did the Great South Run and QE Park Half Marathon. As we welcomed 2022 in, I had just had COVID and decided to sign up for a marathon - to keep me plodding and dedicating time to myself and my health. I hope to get round as close to 5 hours if I can.

We all know how good exercise is for our mental and physical health but it's not always easy to prioritise. We also know how good giving to others is for our own wellbeing. Certainly supporting local people and communities is a huge motivator and driver for me. It is so wonderful to know others will benefit from my marathon training too!

Please do support me by sponsoring me, if you'd like to and are able to. No pressure though! Every penny and ounce of moral support is very welcome and valued. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/drhannahmorgan


Dr Hannah Morgan

Hayling Island and Emsworth Primary Care Network




20th March

KEEP CALM AND SING! - Well join Havant Light Opera

Do you fancy yourself as a rollicking pirate or a bumbling policeman? A flirtatious maiden or a pirate’s moll? Do you enjoy singing and performing? Well come along and join Havant Light Opera’s production of The Pirates of Penzance! Rehearsals have just started for our summer show and we would welcome new members to swell our chorus in this colourful, vibrant, and fun production.

havant Light Opera

HLO has been performing in the Havant area for over 40 years, annually producing a light-hearted summer show (usually a Gilbert & Sullivan operetta) and a festive Christmas event. It also puts on concerts in the local area, with music ranging from sacred to secular, from comical to classical. It is based at The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre in Havant, where it both rehearses and performs.

Despite the restrictions of Covid over the last two years, which resulted in the disbanding of many choirs and singing groups, HLO has stayed together and thrived. We are “friends who sing together” and through our supportive and adaptable approach we were able to stage two concerts last year.

We are now fully up and running, with members excitedly looking forward to a return to a full stage show. The Pirates of Penzance is one of Gilbert & Sullivan’s best-loved and possibly most well-known works. It is proving remarkably up to date, despite being written in 1879. After all, the authority figure saves his skin by telling a whopping lie. The text is easily modernized without losing the plot so listen out for the political spin we put on it!

HLO looks forward to welcoming any new members, regardless of age or experience. You do not have to be able to sightread but a sense of fun and camaraderie would be useful!! Our brilliant young Musical Director accompanies us at rehearsals and performances and we have a wealth of experience in producing musical theatre.


We rehearse on Monday evenings, from 7.30 to 9.30, at The Spring. You are welcome to turn up on at a rehearsal for a free taster session to see what we are all about or if you would like any more information, please get in touch with us via the contact page on our website – www.havantlightopera.co.uk .

Our show will be performed at The Spring from Tuesday 28 June to 2 July – if you cannot join us on stage then please do come along for an entertaining night out (www.thespring.co.uk ).




8th March

Ukraine war: Emsworth group Bridge to Unity reaches Ukraine-Poland border to give £25,000 of supplies to refugees

A selfless group from Emsworth journeyed to the border between Poland and Ukraine this weekend to deliver £25,000-worth of essential supplies to refugees fleeing war.

Members of Bridge to Unity, from Emsworth, delivering supplies to the border between Poland and Ukraine to help Ukrainian refugees. Pictured with aid workers in Poland after dropping off supplies

Members of Bridge for Unity have been keeping people updated on their venture as they set off from the UK in the early hours of Saturday (March 5) morning and reaching their destination on Sunday.

The team of five were able to unload goods including bandages, first aid kits, sleeping bags, torches, batteries, power banks, phones and chargers to the Zintegrowana Służba Ratownicza (ZSR) – a Polish group which provides emergency medical care in crisis situations.

Today the team, made up of founder Matt Simmons, Libby Rose, Hannah Jarvis, Don O’Leary and Mike Petty, thanked all their supporters who donated crowdfunded more than £24,400.

They said: “It is fair to say we’ve all cried a lot of tears this morning. Tears of relief, joy and thanks to every single person who has donated to our Just Giving page over the last week.

“The four of us have been working 20 hour days on this for the majority of the week and to see it all come together has been overwhelming to say the least.

“Zintegrowana Służba Ratownicza you are the most incredible group of people we’ve ever had the joy of working with. You’re selfless, heroic and everything in between.

“We are going to do everything we can to support the wonderful work that you you’re doing to help the people of Ukraine and this is just the beginning.

“We have some important meetings next week to discuss our next aid mission to Ukraine which again will involve the wonderful ZSR and we are going to keep you all informed.

“We are nothing without your support.”

Bridge to Unity was originally established by veteran Matt Simmonds last year as Ems4Afghans to support Afghan refugees, but was rebranded this year to help during the Ukraine war.

While at the Ukraine border, member Libby Rose reported seeing 2,500 refugees

She said: “From the moment you arrive there’s no mistaking what these people have gone through and are currently going through.”

It is planned the convoy will reach the UK by Sunday night.

Bridge to Unity is planning to keep getting supplies to Ukrainian refugees.

To help them do so visit justgiving.com/crowdfunding/matt-simmons-1.

 Sussex World Monday, 7th March


3rd March

Councillor Kennett calls out developers

At Havant’s Planning Policy Committee on February 22nd, Emsworth Councillor Richard Kennett blew a couple of holes in an opportunistic manoeuvre by Land and Partners, the company that has submitted a planning application for 210 homes off Long Copse Lane.  The Committee were discussing a Housing Delivery Position Statement, which explains how the Borough Council will respond to planning applications for new housing, following the withdrawal of the ‘emerging’ Local Plan.  Land and Partners saw an opportunity to promote their application with a written deputation and three minutes to address the meeting.  Fortunately Cllr Kennett, although not a member of the committee, had spotted two inaccurate statements by Land and Partners and he was able to address the meeting and point these out.

The first faulty claim was that because the Inspectors’ Interim Report makes no specific reference to Long Copse Lane, they have no soundness or other concerns about the site (in contrast to other sites where problems with deliverability were identified).  In fact the Inspectors say explicitly (para. 55) that they have not examined “a significant number of site allocations, which might lead to further concerns”.

Land and Partners’ second claim occurred in the sentence “sites that are underused and wholly or partly brownfield such as ours will have a vital role to play in securing sustainable development”. Cllr Kennett observed that it is “stretching credulity to breaking point” to describe the fields off Long Copse Lane as a brownfield site.

Emsworth Community Land Trust 2nd March 3022


1st March

Donations needed to help Ukraine as Emsworth-based community organisation set to take supplies to those in need

We are reaching our arms out to the Ukraine from the UK’, says an Emsworth-based community organisation as it urges people to give what they can to a fundraising drive helping those affected by the conflict.

Emsworth veteran Matt Simmons founded the Ems4Afghans organisation last year as a way to help the people he worked alongside as an RAF technician in Afghanistan.

Now relaunching as the community interest company Bridge to Unity, the organisation is gathering crucial donations to help those in Ukraine.

Matt said: “From what we’re hearing is that the borders are being flooded with people.

RAF veteran Matt Simmons founded Ems4Afghans having witnessed the plight of the Afghan people during his posting to Kabul. Picture: Mike Cooter

“Kyiv is such a beautiful city and it’s devastating what’s happening. It’s really scary.”

Ems4Afghas/Bridge to Unity is hoping to collect donations of medical supplies including bandages and first aid kits, as well as sleeping bags, torches, batteries, power banks, and phones/chargers.

Matt said: “I’m going up to Poland next week, by next Sunday, with a load of items.

Three full carloads of donations for Afghan refugees collected last year in Emsworth. Picture: Mike Cooter

“We’ve linked in with people in Poland and Ukraine - we’re going to try and take as much as we can.’

The group is also launching a fundraising campaign to collect money that will be given to organisations helping at the grassroots level in Ukraine.

Matt added: “We are negotiating with companies to help with medical supplies and also funds will be directed to an organisation working on the ground in Ukraine, I’ve listed some other items that have been asked for.”

To make a donation, contact Ems4Afghans/Bridge to Unity by visiting the Facebook page at facebook.com/Ems4Afghans, or on Twitter at @Ems4Afghans.

Find out more about the crowdfunding campaign at justgiving.com/crowdfunding/matt-simmons-1.

He said: “In a crisis, it’s nice to see the community come together, but people don’t always know how to help.

“People don’t know who to go to so I’ve always been really transparent about where items are going to and how money is being spent.

“I really think with our proactive nature and with people behind us, we can make a difference.”

Sussex World Monday, 28th February




26th February

Residents' anger as Havant council approves new mini-estate because it needs to build homes

A COUNCIL has approved a greenfield housing development, despite being a site of importance for nature conservation (SINC).

The proposal for nine homes on land off Long Copse Lane, Emsworth, was approved by Havant Borough Council (HBC) because it needs to build new homes.  The site will provide a mixture of semi and detached homes with associated works - ecological mitigation is required due to the land being Building on a SINC conflicts with the council's planning policies however, due to the council being behind on its housing targets those policies are out of date.

Resident David Mason, who lives adjacent to the site said: ‘At the Tory party conference last September, the prime minister said that no more homes would be built on greenfield sites and that brownfield sites will be developed instead.

‘Under the applicant's plan the SINC grasses would be moved to the fields to the east by HBC however the applicants admit that the experience of translocating grasses is varied - therefore HBC cannot be certain that the SINC site will not be ruined.

Neighbouring resident Chris Poirrier added: ‘Mr Nick Knight, Hampshire county bat recorder, completed a survey of the area using a nocturnal monitor.  The monitor made over 11,000 recordings over a one month period in June 2021.  At least nine species of bat were identified including several types of Barbastelle bat which share the same near threatened status as the Bechstein.  The government and our local MP are pushing for the development of brownfield sites, urban regeneration and no greenfield development, I therefore ask that councillors maintain the conservative party line.’

Councillor Jackie Branson agreed that the site is ‘constrained’ and ‘not ideal’ but could see no reason to refuse permission.

‘Unfortunately, Havant doesn't have any ideal sites left, if only we did have we wouldn't be building on sites such as this.  We would like to have more brownfield sites, obviously, it was the brownfield sites that caused the local plan to be sent back.  We have the tilted balance and we have to look at whether the harm outweighs the need for housing in the borough and sadly we only have 3.9 years supply.’

The News Saturday, 26th February 2022




25th February

A new look to the “Town Brewery”

The new frontage of the Town Brewery,  closed in2013, has been revealed.  The former pub is undergoing renovation into a ground floor with flexible use as Retail, Financial and Professional Services, Food and Drink, Drinking Establishments, Hot Food or Takeaway premises while the upper floor has been converted into three apartments.  Work which has been going on for over two years now appears to be near completition.






22nd February

Chef James arrives at historic Emsworth pub with new burger fit for a Lord!

Highly-rated chef James Tuckey has marked his arrival at historic hostelry by creating a home-made burger to honour a war hero who served under the Duke of Wellington.

James took up his new role at The Lord Raglan and his culinary creations have delighted regulars at the quaint Queen Street pub in Emsworth. And one of the first things he did was to conjure up a tasty, garlic and thyme infused burger named after the colourful peer who gives his name to the 18th-century inn.

The eponymous hero of the pub, Lord Raglan, was a trusted member of the Duke of Wellington’s staff. He was injured at the Battle of Waterloo, and later became Commander in Chief at the Crimean War before succumbing to illness in Russia in 1855.


Highly-rated chef James Tuckey at The Lord Raglan in Emsworth. Picture by Carl Eldridge

James says he wanted to mark his tenure at the historic pub – set on the water’s edge – with a signature dish and came up with the recipe after researching the life of the brave Field Marshall.

“He was a real character and I like to think that the burger has plenty of that kind of chutzpah,” he said. “The Lord Raglan is a pub I have admired for some time and when I was offered the chance to work here it was a very easy decision to make. It helps that when I do get a quiet moment I can go into our beer garden and contemplate by gazing out on to the water because it affords us such wonderful views here in what is a very pretty coastal town. It’s so picturesque.  The regulars are very friendly and it’s real pleasure cooking for them. Their appreciation goes a long way to providing more inspiration for new dishes and with spring and summer on the way we have more plans afoot to unveil more dishes on the menu, that will hopefully appeal. And if you are an ale enthusiast then you can enjoy your Fuller’s favourites on tap. If you prefer grape to grain, we’ve a great collection of wines too.”

Sussex World  21st February 2022






21st February

Heartbreak for Emsworth family fishing business as livelihood jeopardised when ‘pride and joy’ boat smashed by Storm Eunice

A FISHERMAN has told of the heartbreak he felt at seeing his ‘pride and joy washed up on the shoreline’ after Storm Eunice smashed his family business’s fishing boat.  Havant couple Chantelle and Peter Williams were devastated as they helplessly watched their boat Tia Maria get battered and destroyed by Storm Eunice.

Now, the future of their award-winning, Emsworth-based seafood business 'Fresh From the Boat' hangs in the balance.

Peter said: ‘It’s been tough enough with Covid without having this on top   Boats can be insured, but when it’s your business, that’s it until it can be fixed. It’s worrying times when it’s your entire livelihood.’


Chantelle and Peter have run Fresh From The Boat as joint owners for around 15 years, and Peter does the fishing in Emsworth Harbour.

The couple were onsite from the early hours on February 19, keeping an eye on the Tia Maria as the wind hit force 11-12.


While at the shop serving a customer, they were notified that a fishing vessel had washed aground at about 11am – and had been smashed against the sea wall and rocks.

Peter said: ‘We had kept a close eye on the boat but we couldn’t get near it. It’s had a real beating.  That was a serious bit of wind, I’ve never seen anything like it.  The Tia Maria is the boat that Peter uses to fish.  It was worse than any other storm we had.  The couple set up a GoFundMe page to help raise funds to repair or replace the boat, which could run into the tens of thousands.  I'm extremely worried about how long it’s going to take to get back up and running - it's a heck of a mess.’

Generous donors have already smashed the original fundraising target of £4,000 – but grateful Peter says the couple appreciate any help they can get.

He added: ‘I was quite shocked at how quickly the money was raised.  There is insurance but insurance doesn't cover not being able to work.

‘The support is quite amazing - I'm still trying to come to terms with it.’  Visit: https://www.gofundme.com/f/storm-eunice-takes-fresh-from-the-boat-boat?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=p_cp%20share-sheet&fbclid=IwAR3bS7choPUtlqWXXCzUljEIC5jK-z5o-HWkROaF9-n2Bqm_1HMjIYTLa5g


The News 21st February 2022



9th February

Falklands Exhibition: The Story of a Ship an Emsworth Museum Exhibition 7th – 28th May

2022 is the 40th anniversary of the Falklands War and this exhibition is based mainly on HMS Antrim, a Portsmouth manned guided missile destroyer, which re-took South Georgia and then spearheaded the landings in San Carlos Water. Here she 'collected' an unexploded 1000 lb bomb which passed through her main missile magazine.

If you have any photographs or other memorabilia related to Emsworth men who took part in the Falklands conflict then please contact Dorothy Bone, dorothybone@btinternet.com in the first instance. We would love to hear from you.





3rd February

Food is our passion at Cross Kitchen

Cross Kitchen in  Emsworth 

Steve and Gemma Cross have amassed impressive credentials in the fine dining restaurant business and in developing nutritious meals in Hampshire schools. Steve winning a national award as School Chef of the Year 2019 and Gemma as a master baker of delicious celebration

and novelty cakes.

They have combined their expertise to open Cross Kitchen, a bistro-style family enterprise enjoying a commanding location on the edge of St Peter’s Square. (The site was previously occupied by Greenhouse Café) On offer is a great selection of breakfasts, lunches, and light snacks. Focusing on seasonal and quality ingredients, everything is made to order for customers to enjoy. Attractively renovated to a very high standard and with a warm and friendly atmosphere, Cross Kitchen has been well-supported since opening last November, both by local people and Emsworth’s many visitors.

Steve places considerable emphasis on sourcing produce from local suppliers – Treagust Butchers, ‘Fresh from the Boat’, Hermitage Wines, Bellord and Brown vegetables, and Citrus Flowers, to name but a few. Gemma’s cakes are visionary masterpieces and taste wonderful too, with a selection of goodies for those who are gluten intolerant. It’s still early days but there are plans to develop the courtyard area with attractive planting and awnings to shelter customers sitting outside.

Already warmly welcomed into the business community, Steve and Gemma also hope to host some select events to promote and showcase local initiatives in line with Cross Kitchen’s ethos.

Report and picture by Shirley Farmer The EMS January 2022


28th January

Chichester harbour water 'would fail EU bathing water standards'
Water in Chichester Harbour would fail ‘EU bathing water standards’,

While Chichester Harbour is not a designated bathing water, Chichester Harbour Conservancy Trust compares results with the standards set out in the EU Bathing Water Directive.

A recent sample of water by the Chichester Yacht Club slipway shows that levels of Enterococci, a bacteria found in the faeces of most humans, were against the compliance standards of the European Bathing Water Directive. In an email seen by this newspaper, it is said that the impact on harbour users ‘in this instance would be extremely low’.
The news comes just a week after Southern Water showed figures stating that bathing water standards at nearby West Wittering, Bracklesham Bay and Selsey were ‘excellent’.

A spokesman for Southern Water said: “Southern Water is leading a multi-agency partnership dedicated to improving the ecological health of Chichester and Langstone Harbours and the Harbour Conservancy is a key partner in this effort.
"We are currently conducting base line monitoring of water quality and analysing the sources of nutrients and pollution. Shortly we will be trialling a real time water quality monitoring buoy.

"We are currently launching pathfinder projects with the aim of releasing storm water releases by 80 per cent by the year 2030 and have pledged to cut pollution incidents by 80 per cent by 2025 as a result of the £2 billion we are investing on wastewater equipment and network and environmental protection between 2020 and 2025.

"Chichester Harbour is working harbour and not a designated bathing water. The thousands of boats which use the waters along with agriculture and industry all contribute to water quality so while we are a key custodian of our precious water habitats, we are not the only one. Only by working together will the future of the harbour be protected and enhanced.”

Chichester Observer 27th January 2022



14th January 2021

Chichester District Council supports walking and cycle route proposals on A259

PROPOSALS for a six-mile walking and cycling route between Emsworth and Chichester have won the support of Chichester District Council.

The £5m project was backed by members of the cabinet during a meeting on Tuesday. Members agreed with recommendations from the council’s environment panel that the installation of shared-use paths – for pedestrians and cyclists – through several villages along the route needed ‘further consideration’.

Plans for the Chichester to Emsworth route were put forward by National Highways – formerly Highways England – and recently underwent an eight-week public consultation.  


The meeting was told that, of the 436 people who took part, 257 (59 per cent) supported the scheme and 148 (34 per cent) did not.

During the meeting, concerns were raised by groups such as ChiCycle and the West Sussex Cycle Forum about safety, whether the scheme would reduce speeds along the A259 and whether cyclists would even use the new facilities.  Liberal Democrat group leader Adrian Moss described it as ‘flawed’, saying it needed to be changed.

A report to the meeting said that alternative ideas for the route put forward by the Chichester & District Cycle Forum and a number of parish councils had been deemed ‘not technically feasible’.  Alan Sutton (Con, Fittleworth) accepted that the scheme was ‘far from ideal’ but stressed that the current designs would be ‘far from the final plan’.  Insisting that the cabinet was listening to people’s concerns, he added: ‘There’s been an awful lot of work in the background to take into account the various views and to try to come to a sensible solution that not only represents the residents and the users but gives us the opportunity to do something for the future.’

Mr Sutton said he understood some of the frustration being voiced over the plans, adding: ‘There are very strong feelings around this issue – and feelings are always the things that are most difficult to deal with.

‘What we’re dealing with here is a decision that isn’t based on feelings, it’s based on facts.’

Roy Briscoe (Con, Westbourne) added: ‘This is the start of the process – these are the initial proposals.

‘It can and will develop. I’m absolutely certain about that.  We also have to be mindful that, through the villages, some of the areas will be turned into 20mph areas.  Hopefully it will have an impact, it will provide additional safety measures for cyclists, pedestrians and car users.’

Mr Briscoe reminded the meeting that, in 2017, a lack of local support led to improvements on the A27 being scrapped by the Secretary of State.

He added: ‘I’d hate to see that be the case for this because it does offer some improvements.’

It was a concern which was also touched on by Edgar Vila Pouca, the National Highways programme manager.

He warned: ‘Currently the funding is allocated. Should we decide to start again we would need to put a new bid in.  There are no guarantees at all that you would be successful.’

As for the route itself, Mr Vila Pouca said: ‘Ideally we would like to segregate traffic from cyclists and cyclists from pedestrians and we’ve done that on part of the route where we can.  Where we can’t, we’ve followed the guidance.  The guidance is very clear and it prefers to put cyclists mixing with pedestrians rather than vehicles where we have vehicles of the significance that we do along this section of road – and at the speeds that they do travel along there.  Within the scheme, we’re looking at reducing speeds and we need to work with West Sussex on that.  We’re also having conversations about reducing the width of the carriageway.’

Pointing out that 13-15,000 vehicles use the A259 every day, Mr Vila Pouca said only the most confident of cyclists currently risked using the road.  The new scheme would open up the route to all.

He added: ‘We do have ideas for improving the scheme but those ideas need to be discussed with [the county council} in a technical matter if the scheme is to proceed to the next stage of design.’

The cabinet noted those discussions and asked for the district council to be consulted on any changes to the scheme.

The News 20th January 2021



6th January

Havant Borough Council and East Hampshire District Council Partnership Comes to an End

After a 12-year partnership, Havant Borough Council and East Hampshire District Council have decided that it is the right moment to establish their own management teams so they can focus on their different strategic priorities and deliver outcomes for their communities more quickly.

The partnership has been very successful since it was created in 2009 and has delivered significant savings for both councils - as well as providing other benefits.

Cllr Alex Rennie, Leader of Havant Borough Council, said: "We have had a really successful partnership but this is the right moment to move in our own directions.

"I would like to thank all the staff who have pulled out all the stops to deliver our shared priorities.

"I envisage that we will continue to work closely where there are tangible benefits for our communities."

Cllr Richard Millard, Leader of East Hampshire District Council, said: "We have worked as close partners because we have had a number of shared interests over the years - but now is the time to focus on our specific areas and really target our energy into delivering outcomes which benefit our specific communities.

"The management team and staff across both organisations have done an absolutely fantastic job and I look forward to continuing to work with them to deliver our priorities."

Havant Borough Council 6th January 2022




4th January

Emsworth volunteer recognised in New Year’s Honours list for dedication to museum and stroke club

A woman who has dedicated decades of her life to the Emsworth community has been named a medallist of the Order of the British Empire.

Dorothy Bone has worked tirelessly over the years as honorary secretary of the Emsworth Maritime and Historical Trust, promoting the area’s heritage, and as honorary minute secretary for the Emsworth Stroke Club.

Now, the great-grandmother is being recognised for voluntary services to her community as she is named in the New Year’s Honours.

She has been awarded a British Empire Medal, or BEM

Dorothy, who turns 84 on January 8, said:
“I was very surprised and honoured to get the envelope at the beginning of December.  I don’t know anybody else who’s had an award. I imagine somebody recommended me. I imagine there are thousands who get their names put forward - I would have thought there wouldn’t be room for me with all the doctors and nurses working through Covid."

Having lived in Emsworth for just over 40 years, and volunteering at the museum for nearly that length of time, Dorothy – has been Honorary Secretary of the Emsworth Maritime and Historical Trust since its inception in 1982 – has seen many changes at the heritage venue.  I think it’s a long service, shall we say," Dorothy said.
"Because I’ve been with it for so long, I’ve been through its ups and downs. I’ve seen quite a few different aspects of it."

While she is interested in local history, what Dorothy likes best is talking to people and helping organise volunteers at the museum.

She said: "I like finding volunteers to help man the museum when it’s open, and that can be quite a challenge in the summer.  I enjoy talking to people, and that’s what keeps me going there. I also help with finding exhibitions to encourage people to come in.  That’s been quite a challenge with Covid, obviously people are very wary. But we have managed to stay open."

The museum is able to keep running due to donations given by the public.

"We have to raise all our funds the best we can," Dorothy said.
"People are very generous to Emsworth Museum. Our efforts are rewarded."

Trevor Davies, museum chairman, said: ‘In 1982, the idea of an Emsworth Museum was in its infancy, supported only by a few personal collections of objects in individual garages.

"Dorothy has determinedly supported the trust as it developed into a fully functioning, wholly volunteer museum in Emsworth located in an iconic building leased from Havant Borough Council.

"During that time, she has shown great commitment in taking on a formidable workload that runs far beyond the scope of the normal secretarial role.  She looks after the museum volunteer stewarding rota; the co-ordination answering of local history queries received from members of the public; coordinates publicity as well as a number of other administrative jobs.  In recent years, in spite of her increasing immobility and frailty, Dorothy has continued carrying out all these responsibilities from home - by telephone and email."

Dorothy is also being honoured for her work with the Emsworth Stroke Club.  Dorothy’s husband passed away in 1996 following a stroke.

She said: "The stroke club helped a lot when he had his stroke, making life a bit easier to cope with, so I offered to help out."

Emsworth Stroke Club sadly folded during the first lockdown.

Trevor added: "The chairman of the Emsworth Stroke Club Mrs Gillian Knight told me that Dorothy has also been a tower of strength in support of this organisation for many years."

Dorothy has a stepson, as well as grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The Chichester Observer 4th January 2022





1st January 2021

 Table Tennis in Emsworth – a resounding success!

Maybe it was at school, through an official club, as part of a leisure centre’s activities or across the dining room table with the family but one thing is almost certain. We’ve all encountered Table Tennis at some point on life’s journey. What’s the betting you found it great fun too? It’s also possible that it’s crossed your mind that at some time, some day, maybe, you might get around to investigating the possibility of playing the odd game.

Well, be assured that Table Tennis is very much alive and kicking right here in Emsworth Community Centre. Members are predominately of the older generations and retired people but not all. Some are able to make table tennis part of their work/life balance. All standards of play are in evidence too from the early stage players to league players all mixing. Often people turn up with an apologetic ‘I haven’t played for 40 years’ but 3 or 4 sessions later it’s plain that the old knack is returning. Others quite openly admit to having no real experience but would like to try. No problem. We welcome all and are happy to help, guide and encourage.

We also have a budding youth section.

 We play across seven good quality tables and have coaches in our membership and our own ‘robot’ to help with coaching. How many groups can say that? Competitive? Of course we are. There is no point in playing if there is no competition. But we never let it spoil the atmosphere of fun and laughter.

What’s in it for you? Fun, friends and a good workout. It’s just amazing how table tennis exercises sharpens the body both physically and mentally. As an accomplished player we can guarantee you some hard-hitting competition and maybe the possibility of play in one of our four successful league teams.

Sessions take place on:-

It costs just £2.50 per session. All we ask is that you become a member of Emsworth Community Association for the grand price of £5 per annum. We bet you’ve never realised that such value could be so inexpensive.

Tempted? C’mon. We can lend you a bat.  Game on!


Stephen Long stephen.long@emsworthcommunitycentre.org.uk

Dwynwen Stepien dwynwen.stepien@emsworthcommunitycentre.org.uk


Emsworth Community Centre