Market Banners Vandalized

Hampshire Farmers Markets are very proud to be able to sell their produce at Emsworth and as such feel we are adding to the success of the Town.

Each month we display banners at Emsworth ensuring that all the local people and any passing motorists see these so they are reminded that the market will be on that weekend.     We do pay a fee to Hampshire Highways to display the banners/boards and these banners are our property, it recently cost us over 300 to replace the banners ensuring that they were off a good quality and were the right image.

For the last two months these banners have been taken down and had the ties cut so they were not visible to the general public.

Hampshire Farmers Markets are no longer prepared to accept this and as such will be seeking advice from the Local Police since this is wanton damage to our property and as such will be seeking compensation of same.

If anyone in Emsworth sees or knows of anyone damaging our signs, Hampshire Farmers Market would be pleased to hear.

 Valerie Nicel Office Manager/Director
Hampshire Farmers' Markets Ltd.
T: 01420 588671
M: 07990845833

18th February 2019

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