Local Conservation Groups Concerned  that Local Green Spaces are Under Threat

Despite pressure from Environmental groups HBC appear to be pressing on with the Draft Local Plan 2036 without an updated Biodiversity Plan.

A short online survey has been produced to gauge the wider public view on the state of our local environment. The survey results will be presented at a public meeting in January when the Draft Local Plan will be voted on. To allow time to compile the results the survey will need to be completed by the end of the first week in December.

The survey is anonymous so apart from postal area they won’t know the identity of any participant.

Survey Introduction - From Havant Borough Environment Group

Havant Borough Environment Group Online Questionnaire is the joint venture of numerous cross-Borough volunteer conservation and residents groups. Our intention is to highlight resident’s priorities for their surroundings.

Few people can be unaffected by ever increasing alarms about the state of our environment; polluted air and water, Climate Change impacts, threats from extreme weather events, lack of green space and recreation space for a rising population and the rapid rise in endangered species make frequent headlines.

Here in Havant Borough, we need to focus on the particular local environment issues that need attention in the new Local Plan 2036

Please click on the link below to bring up the online survey so we can make sure Havant Borough Council can make appropriate and effective plans to address community concerns.


Your views and will be added to the data base and a report published and sent to Havant Council.

Readers of this article may also wish to consider why the field to the east of Westbourne Avenue and Westwood Close with its much used footpath connecting Emsworth with Westbourne is not included in Local Green Spaces in Havant Borough published by HBC in November 2017.

Organisations associated with this campaign include: Emsworlh Residents' Association, Hayling Island Residents' Association, Langstone Residents' Association, Langstone Village Association, Save Old Bedhampton, Warblinglon & Denvilles Residents' Association, West Bedhampton Residents' Association, Protect Our Green Spaces Group Friends Of The Earth (Hampshire) and Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (Hampshire).

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