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The Friends continue to become involved in the health needs and wellbeing of residents in Emsworth and the surrounding community. With growing membership during the year, we have supported 20 organisations to the value of some 30,000. Our support spans all age groups, from young children with life limiting or threatening diseases, such as the Snowdrop Trust, young adults with learning difficulties, in this instance CHAOS Support, to people at the other end of life’s spectrum, for example Emsworth House and Malmsbury Lawn. Hopefully we fill in some of the gaps between all ages by supporting not only some of the well known hospice at home services, but also the lesser known organisations such as the Havant Talking Newspaper and the two local hospital transport groups. To some degree we are attempting to help integrate these organisations with our Health Directory, first published last year and launched at our Health Fair, and we have another planned for next year.

We are making a consolidated effort to upgrade the Friends’ garden over the next year, and are inviting members and non members to provide horticultural support in achieving these objectives. Our aim is to open the garden more often once improvements are made. The garden is used by many local organisations for their own events, and we hope with improvements made, this will attract more local involvement. One for everyone is the Christmas Fare event in the garden in conjunction with the Southbourne Lions on Saturday 15th December.

We are dragging ourselves into the digital age by launching the Friends’ sparkling new web site, with the considerable help and support of Mindworks, a local graphic design company based in Emsworth, and we hope to be up and running, and on line before the end of the year, a prospect the trustees are all excited about. This clearly will make our interfacing with our members, and the organisations we support, much more proactive.

The Friends are currently involved with other community groups over the future of the hospital site, and we are lending support to these initiatives.




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