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Emsworth Virtual Concert Band

Emsworth Concert Band has just created a virtual performance of What a Wonderful World as a tribute to all NHS staff and key workers and is available to view on its website Emsworth Concert Band. Andy Hall (Musical Director) and Jo Bennett (Chair and flute player) came up with the idea and all band members were asked to participate – recording themselves playing their parts at home with the aid of rhythm soundtrack to keep them to time. Jo says ‘one of her band members, Michael McCarthy (french horn player) did the most amazing job spending hours and hours of his time pulling the whole sound together’. She says ‘although technically-minded, it was a whole new learning process for him and he’s done an outstanding job embracing the whole project with passion, good humour and tremendous tenacity’. Jo says she's also pleased that many band members had the opportunity to work together which itself is a tribute to all NHS staff and key workers everywhere – many who live in and around the area of Emsworth. We had 28 videos plus another 11 audio tracks which has produced this lovely big sound.