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 The Emsworth Tree Trail  is intended to introduce residents and visitors to some of the fine trees that help to make Emsworth such a special place. The local mill ponds, parks and nature reserves all contain trees of interest, but many of the special trees around the town centre are in private gardens. We give particular thanks to home owners for the continuing care of these trees which add so much to the local environment and gives pleasure to all.

Many of the roads in and around the town contain houses and other buildings of historical and architectural interest. As you walk around you will see the stunning relationship between houses and trees and their importance to each other. This is one of the reasons why the town centre, south of the A259, is a designated Conservation Area.

This trail includes many types of tree, both deciduous and coniferous, which together with some fine hedges make these walks interesting during the four seasons. The trees highlighted in this booklet can be viewed from the pavement and public footpaths. The maps show routes starting in the town, which however can be joined at any point by following the directions in the text.

We particularly wish to encourage children to use this booklet so they begin to appreciate the value of trees. Whilst the trail takes about 90 minutes, children are encouraged to dip into this booklet depending on where they are in the town.

Emsworth Town Centre Tree Trail (43 pages), compiled by Emsworth Tree Wardens, is the first of a series of Tree Trails round Emsworth. The Tree Trail boasts at least 25 different trees plus a native hedgerow all within easy walking distance of the town centre. The Trail is published as a booklet with lots of colour photos, drawings and watercolours.

The Trail Booklet is on sale for only £3 at the Bookends, Driftwood Café and Borland and Borland Estate Agents. The proceeds from the sale of this booklet will be used to promote the trees of Emsworth.


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