Emsworth Surgery Move to Redlands Grange Site in Jeopardy?

The developers of this site, Bellway Homes and Bloor Homes, who initially gave an undertaking in their original planning application to set aside a portion of the land for a future new doctors surgery and pharmacy are now seeking to withdraw from this agreement. The developpers position Is that: "the obligation to deliver the above Community Facilities is unreasonable and there Is not any valid reason to require this In planning terms. In support of this position, it Is noted that the obligation is not supported by any planning policy that applied at the time the outline application was determined,"

 As the Emsworth Doctors have not committed themselves to developing a new surgery on this site and the agent for the developer has submitted three new applications for potential alternative usesand has applied tovary this agreement:

APP/18/00121:Variation of Section 106 Agreement dated 12 May 2011 associated with 10/74014/000, to extend the period to procure that the Community Facilities (doctors surgery and pharmacy) on the community facilities land for a further two years until 1st December 2019

If agreed this could effectively prevent the Emsworth Doctor committing themselves to the building of the new sugary at Rdlands Grange.

At this stage it is not entirely clear what the developers proposed alternative uses of the site might be although it is thought that one might be the construction of a children's' nursery.

The HBC Development Management Committee meets tomorrow to discuss and decide on these applications in the Hurstwood Room, Public Service Plaza at 5.00pm. Details of this meeting can be found at:  http://havant.moderngov.co.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CommitteeId=127&CF=&MeetingId=10599&Ver=4 


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