The Emsworth Community Christmas 

For the last four years I have hosted the Emsworth Community Christmas on Christmas day for people who would have necessarily been on their own at Christmas. This year the event is even bigger and the demand is even greater. No one should feel as though they have no one to spend Christmas with, it is a time of togetherness and joy. We are able to reach out to the vulnerable and isolated and give them a day to be remembered. A day rich in warm conversation, music, delightful food, presents and of course much love and laughter.

There are times in young and older people's lives when life becomes difficult and times like Christmas are a challenge. I am passionate about creating a day where people can be nourished, loved and be in an environment that is safe. This is a free event for individuals in our community and supported by our community. Days like these make lasting differences in people's lives. Friendships are formed and words are shared that enable people to feel at ease and free of isolation just for a day.

From now until the Christmas day event, money raised will be spent on employing catering staff and a huge amount of fresh produce. We will need Christmas decorations for the dining room and the lounge area and the tables need festive decorations too. There are many extras that the day could be enhanced with. Every guest goes home with a wonderful hand painted box of gifts created by children at a local nursery school and handed out by Santa. I also intend to make up a few hampers which I will put into a free raffle for the guests on the day.

However much you can donate this event is a truly nourishing and heartfelt day of people being in the arms of togetherness and gratitude. 

Jessica Bateman

December 2017

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