Chichester Harbour AONB Management Plan to be Updated



Chichester Harbour Conservancy has a duty to prepare an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Management Plan as the framework for the delivery of the statutory purposes and duty. The Management Plan is the single most important document for the AONB, setting out the guiding principles, Vision, objectives and actions for managing the area for 5 years at a time.  Chichester Harbour Conservancy prepare the Management Plan and it is for everyone with an interest in Chichester Harbour. The current Plan in place is the Chichester Harbour Management Plan 2014-19 but will soon be replaced by an updated Plan.

Chichester Harbour Management Plan 2019-24 - Consultation now open

Preparation of the Chichester Harbour Management Plan 2019-24 is currently underway and a Consultation Document is now available for review and comments.

Looking after Chichester Harbour is vitally important. The 29 square miles of landscape has a delicate balance of interests, from internationally important habitats and species, to a long and proud history of sailing and boat building. With 10,585 residents and an estimated 1.5 million visitors every year, it is essential to have a Management Plan that is fit for now and the future.

Our new Plan needs to provide a clear way forward to achieve our new Vision to 2050. The Plan is more than just the work of Chichester Harbour Conservancy; it is for everyone, so it needs to continue to reflect the views of partners, residents, visitors, businesses and all other stakeholders. This consultation is your opportunity to have your say.  For your convenience we have also prepared a summary of the changes proposed compared to the current Plan.  The facts and figures in the Plan were taken from the recently prepared State of the AONB report.

This document sets out the big issues all partners will seek to tackle in the next five years. This new Management Plan incorporates a series of actions to direct the way it is delivered. The Conservancy is also consulting on its 18 new Planning Principles, developed since the last Management Plan, which have helped to guide the Conservancy’s approach to development applications.  

Please take this opportunity to help shape the next Chichester Harbour Management Plan (2019-2024) by reading the Consultation Document and the summary of changes. You can comment by completing the online consultation response, or by emailing, telephoning or writing to the AONB Manager - details below.

Richard Austin
AONB Manager
Chichester Harbour Conservancy, Harbour Office, Itchenor, West Sussex, PO20 7AW.

01243 510982

Online consultation reponse

All responses must be submitted by 0900 on 15 October 2018


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